Street photography

What is street photography?

With this question in a group of photographers, you can launch an endless discussion.


To me, street photography, means the truth/realism in the world.  I take pictures on the street/public area"s which are NOT set in scene.  Any reaction of the subject that could make it look like a directed shoot, is pure coincidence or like I call it: 'pure luck'.


Scened photography on the street is labeled under the other labels of my portfolio like portraits, art photography, stories of just the unlabeled section.


Observe and register

Street photography should be the purity and simplicity of photography.  SFFC: See, Frame, Focus and Click.  The essence in street photography is 'see' and 'frame'.  This is the added value of the photographer.  You have to 'see' things in public and 'frame' them how you would like to tell this situation/story to your public.


You do not direct but observe and register. 


This is my opinion of street photography.  I'm sure a lot of other photographer have the same opinion, but also a lot will have another opinion.  I do respect others opinion, but I stick to mine if you don't mind.