Mussorgsky - Exhibition of the paintings

Mussorgsky wrote this music piece during the settings of an exhibition of several drawings of his deceased friend Victor Hartmann.

He wrote the music as he experienced the feeling of the drawings.
I studied those feelings/music/drawings and recreated a scene/image where I tried to reflect these original feelings with the feelings the music piece gave when listening.

The scenes are recreated in our modern world and views, but are finished to give it a nostalgic look to refer to the past.


We started with the making of this serie in oktober 2022 en planning to work each month on an image.  So this will be a work in progress till about june 2023.

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Repair Café

Repair Cafés are a community based group who gatter around once a month to repair items from people in order to save them from disposal.

These repair people do this to help their community from expensive repair costs and from buying new items in order to reduce the waist on our planet.

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Nocturnal Blossom tour

I live nearby the area with a lot of fruit trees.  Each year, these blossoms are announcing the spring and make people happy.

I wanted to make a story about this, but in an other way than your normally can find.

So I decided to participate at an organised night walk through the fields.  The full moon helped me out to work without stand or additional lightning.

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Homo digitalis

The work is this serie is based on the chapters from the book 'Homo Digitalis' from Thierry Geerts (Lannoo Publishing)

Starting from the idea of making a serie based on a text that is about our future and my very interest in computers and information technology, I chose this book.

I tried to make one picture of each chapters sentence that struck me most

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My village - second serie

A spiral walk through the village with a focus on the little things around people instead of the big picture.

The focus-aspect is highlighted by using a pinhole lens which creates a small angle of view.

This forced me to have another look at my surroundings, more focused on details or small frame rather than the larger picture of the environment.

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Futurism is a series of work around the periodic of the Italian Futurism in the first part of the 20th century.

This work is a study based on the work of Anton Giulio Bragaglia (movement) and Edward Muybridge (motion study)

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Japanese style

This project is a collection of photos that were taken in the style of different Japanese photgraphers and historical photography in Japan.

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Oriënt Express

This project is a series of photos that were taken in the athmosphere around the periode of the Orient Express train.

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My village - first serie 

Sometimes I don't understand why people always take pictures in foreign countries that are far away.  Is it to brag or can't they 'see' the beauty of the environment their living in? 
So I made some picture of my own little village to show it's beauty.

I'll be probably adding more pictures to this page in the future because I discover more things each time a make a walk.

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Learn from a master

I buy a lot of photography books from other well-known photographers.  Reading these books and looking at their photos can inspire you and lead you to create your own style.
The book 'on reading' from André Kertéz inspired me to launch this project 'Learn from a master'.
I tried to recreate his pictures in order to learn how he saw things and the lighting and shadows that characterize him.

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