Mussorgsky - Exhibition of the paintings


Chapter 1 - The Gnome

There is an uncertainty about the drawing of Hartmann.  Since it is lost, their are 2 theories about the content of the drawing:

   1. a crippled dwarf running around

   2. a nutcracker displaying large teeth.

It is presumed that he wanted to express the ugly side of life. 




Chapter 2 - The Old Castle

The drawing of an old castle represts the past glory of the era.  It gives an atmosphere of horror and mystery.


Chapter 3 - Tuileries

The drawings of the Tuileries of Paris represented playing children in a park.

I reflected this image to youthfullness and child memories. These days, children aren't playing in a park anymore.


Chapter 4 - Cattle

The drawing of the heavy loaded Polish oxcart represented strenght en power.

These days we reflect this as animal torture and use machines for this kind of jobs.


Chapter 5 - Ballet of unhatched chickens

We reflected two elements from this drawing.  The ballet movement Hartmann drew and also the egg costume his model is carrying.

The egg reminded me to the beginning of life, birth. 


Chapter 6 - Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle

This is a drawing of two elderly Jewish men. One is rich and the other is poor.  With this drawing he wanted to express social opposites. 




Chapter 7 - Limoges, the market

The drawing represented an outdoor market place with a lot of people selling colorful products and aromatic spices.

This reflected me of what these elements cause to people these days.  We listen to music a lot and are always busy in our movements.


Chapter 8 - The Catacombs

The drawing of the underground and dark world of the catacombs in Paris.  I reflect this to the dead.




Chapter 9 - The hut on Fowl's legs (Baba Yaga)

Baba Yaga was a witch in and old legend.  It represents magic and mystery, dreams and fears.



Chapter 10 - The Bogatyr Gates (In the Capital of Kiev)

In the past governants builded large stately buildings/gates to impress the people and to express their welth and power.  But mostly they also abused their power on people.