Some people can tell a hole story about their life and enthusiasm or love for photography.

Some people don't tell a hole story about their life and don't express their love for photography as much.


Well,  I'm that second type of person.


I like photography and like to experiment and learn new things, but also like the photographers from the past.

That's why you will not just find 'one' style in my photography, although I like black and white photography.


Black and white photography resembles my personality a bit. 

          It's reflecting the essence and avoiding the distracting elements.  It's direct and focused.

          It does not shout colors but is a bit more calming down.  It's more timid.


I hope you can enjoy my work of art and that I stimulate you to reflect on the things we see every day.



Tom Van den Bossche

Photography curriculum vitae


     2011 - current          Member of the photography club of KWB Mechelen aan de Maas


     2015 - 2016               CVO CTT Genk


     2016                           Workshop double exposure (C-mine, Genk)

                                         Workshop lichtmeting (Johan Doumont, Hasselt)


     2017                           Workshop kleurbeheer (Johan Doumont, Hasselt)


     2018 - current          Art Photography at the Art academy of Maasmechelen (KAMM)


     2019 - current          Co-founding member of SFK vzw, an association of graduated and current student of KAMM keep in touch




     2020                          Book 'Japanology' referring to previously used photography styles in Japan

     2022                          Publishement in Artdoc Photography Magazine n° 02.2022 in the category 'War and Peace'



     2022                          Bronze medal in the competition 'Grote Prijs van België 2022' in the category 'Music'



Observe and register

Street photography should be the purity and simplicity of photography.  SFFC: See, Frame, Focus and Click.  The essence in street photography is 'see' and 'frame'.  This is the added value of the photographer.  You have to 'see' things in public and 'frame' them how you would like to tell this situation/story to your public.


You do not direct but observe and register. 

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